Here are some tips to find the eyebrow shape that’s perfect for you:


Determine your face shape: The first step in finding the perfect eyebrow shape is to determine your face shape. There are generally six different face shapes: oval, round, square, heart, diamond, and long. Each face shape requires a different eyebrow shape to create balance and proportion.


Find your natural eyebrow shape: Look at your eyebrows in their natural state, without any grooming or trimming. This will give you an idea of their natural shape and thickness.


Determine your desired eyebrow thickness: Decide how thick or thin you want your eyebrows to be. Keep in mind that thicker eyebrows are currently in style, but make sure the thickness still complements your face shape.


Choose your arch: The arch of your eyebrow should be in line with the outer edge of your iris when you look straight ahead. The arch can be high, medium or low depending on your personal preference and face shape.


Shape your eyebrows: Use tweezers or threading to shape your eyebrows according to your desired shape. Start with small adjustments and work slowly to avoid over-plucking.


Fill in your eyebrows: Use a brow pencil, powder or gel to fill in your eyebrows and create a more defined shape. Be sure to choose a color that matches your natural eyebrow hair.


Maintain your eyebrows: Regularly trim and groom your eyebrows to maintain their shape and keep them looking tidy.


Remember that finding the perfect eyebrow shape may take some trial and error. Be patient and make small adjustments until you find the shape that works best for you.