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StyLet Beauty Academy is committed to and assists students in getting the best possible placements at top-notch salons and beauty brands.

Our Courses have been designed to help make our students complete professionals with in-demand training, promote the culture of creativity, ownership, and integrity, and more than adequate hands-on experience compared to industry benchmarks.



StyLet curriculum includes essential & crucial training for non-beauty aspects such as client management, time management, and self-presentation & promotion. They enable students to prepare for aptitude tests and job interviews.

The business etiquettes and professional decorum make our students’ industry ready by the time they complete the course.

Beauty therapy , skin therapy and treatment courses


On successfully completing a course, StyLet assists you in appearing for job interviews with cosmetic brands, spas, salons, and fashion brands. Students who clear the interviews, get to work as beauty therapists, cosmetologists, makeup artists, hair stylists, skin experts, spas, salons, wellness retreats, and with cosmetic brands in India.

Students with industry-specific skill sets are preferred for hairstylists, skin experts, beauty therapists, cosmetologists, and makeup artists jobs. The recruitment can take place anywhere in India. With a joint certification, you can build a career in any top-notch salon or beauty brand.

Jobs and training for makeup, hair, beauty

Career Opportunities With StyLet Certification

After completion of the Foundation course, it is possible to start one’s own salon or get employment as:

Makeup Artistry

Freelance Makeup Artist

Beauty Writer/Editor

Print Makeup Artist

Makeup Product Developer

Professional Make-up Artist

Bridal Make-up Artist

Corrective or Camouflage Makeup Artist

Costume Makeup Artist

Spa/Salon Makeup Artist

Brand Makeup Representative

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Hair Dressing & Styling

Hair Stylist

Master Hairstylist

Art Director

Creative Director

Style Director

Product Technician

Academy Trainer

Salon Entrepreneur

Freelancer Hairstylist

Cruise Hairstylist

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Beauty & Skin Therapy


Jr. Beautician


Product Manager

Beauty Advisor

Beauty Consultant

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Placement – For professional beauticians, hair stylists, and makeup artists with training & course


Makeup artists, hair stylists, and beauty therapists can find work in salons, spas, resorts, television and film production, fashion shows, and photo shoots, among other places. The job roles for each are explained in further detail below.

A makeup artist is creating makeup looks for clients, such as brides, actors, models, and performers. They use their knowledge and techniques to create a customized look for each client. Makeup artists may also be responsible for applying prosthetics or special effects makeup for film and television.

A hair stylist job is to do hair cutting, coloring, and styling hair for clients. They use their knowledge of hair types, face shapes, and current trends to create customized looks for each client. Hair stylists can advise you on hair care and suggest items for their clients because they are knowledgeable about hair damage and hair loss.

A beauty therapist provides a range of beauty treatments to clients, like facials, body treatments, waxing, and manicures and pedicures. They use their knowledge of skin types, body treatments, and nail care to provide customized services to clients. Beauty therapists may also provide advice on skincare and recommend products for their clients.

In addition to working in a salon or spa, makeup artists, hair stylists, and beauty therapists can also work as freelancers or run their own business. They may be responsible for managing their own schedule, marketing their services, and managing finances.

Overall, makeup artists, hair stylists, and beauty therapists have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients and provide personalized services that help their clients look and feel their best.

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*StyLet Beauty Academy does not guarantee job placements. Placements are at the sole discretion of the recruiters.