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Lay the foundation, brush up on your skills, and set your career for a makeover! With StyLet Beauty Academy’s basic and advanced makeup courses, young talents can set their skill sets further and become professional makeup artists. Hands-on approach and experimentation with various industry trends, beauty products, and tools in makeup classes at StyLet Academy groom you to evolve as a professional and well-versed makeup artist.

As a part of the makeup courses, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the industry, which is essential to win big and leaving your footprints in the world of beauty and wellness.

State-of-the-art makeup classes are equipped with a wide range of makeup products and tools. Depending upon your course type, you will be introduced to topics like facial anatomy, high-definition and airbrush makeup, personal grooming, color application etc.

Professional Makeup Artist Course

Course Inclusions

Makeup Artistry Skills – Prepping
  • Introduction – Intro to Makeup Artistry, History of Makeup Artistry, Various Types of Brushes & Their Usage
  • Color Theory – Colour wheels, Colour values, Color Correction, Knowledge about all Types of Base, How to Apply Color Theory in makeup application and designing looks
  • Skin Analysis & Types – Skin Analysis, Skin Types, Face Shapes, Understanding Bone Structure, Under Eye Discolouration & Dark Circle, Hyper & Hypo Pigmentation, Problem areas of Face, Skin Conditions
  • Skin Preparation – Method of cleansing, Different types of moisturizer according to skin type, Knowledge Of Face Primer On Different Skin Types, Sanitation and Hygiene, Product Usage Knowledge
  • Facials – Oxy Blast Facial, Skin Whitening Facial, Gold Facial, Pearl Facial, Silver Facial Diamond Facial, Bridal Facial
Makeup Artistry Skills – Application
  • Foundation – Different Types of Foundation [Creme, Liquid, Stick & Powder, BB & CC Cream], Application Techniques for Flawless Foundation, Shading, Contouring Techniques, Deciding on Shade, Formula, Coverage and Final Finish, Foundation Mistakes to Avoid, Special Attention to Tools and Products, Application of HD base, Powder Compact Base
  • Concealer Techniques – Concealer Myths and Expectations, Choosing a Concealer, Types of Concealer [Liquid Concealer, Stick Concealer, Cream Concealer, Cream-to-Powder Concealer, Colour-Correcting Concealer], How to Apply Concealer
  • Face Powder – Deciding which powder type to use [Loose/ Pressed], How to Use, How to perfectly use powder to set makeup with the right coverage, Contouring & Highlights According to Face type & structure, Bronzer application
  • Eye Makeup Techniques – Eye Shapes, Eyebrow Shading, Shading, Highlighting On Face, Application Of Eyeliner [Liquid or Gel], Product Mixing Techniques, Highlighting & Blending, Types of Eye Makeup [Half Smokey, Full Smokey, Colorful, Shimmer & Glittery Eye Makeup etc.]
  • False Eyelashes Application Techniques – Type of False Eyelashes, Brands of Eyelash Glues, Correct and Easy way to apply False Eye Lashes, Trimming lashes for best results
  • Eye Liners, Mascara, Blush Application & Lip Makeup
  • Mature Skin – Product application techniques, Things to avoid while doing Makeup, Specialized products to be used
  • Bridal Makeup Preparation, Bridal Makeup, Bridal Hair Updos, Bridal Saree Draping, Groom Makeup, Wigs & Extensions, Padding & Stuffing, Braiding, Waves
  • Air Brush Techniques – Introduction to Airbrush Makeup, Introduction to Strengths and Weaknes of Airbrush Makeup, How to assemble and disassemble an Airbrush Machine, How to troubleshoot an Airbrush system to work with ease, Distance exercises to apply Airbrush in a very precise way, Properly apply base on a model ensuring even application



Soft Skills

Communication Skills


Client Consultation Skills, Client Influencing Features

Product Retail/ Home-Care Essentials

Hygiene, Sanitation & Cleansing Standards

Salon Management Fundamentals, Personal & Salon Hygiene

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Career Opportunities With StyLet Makeup Certification

After completion of the Makeup course, it is possible to start one’s own salon or get employment as:

Freelance Makeup Artist

Beauty Writer/Editor

Print Makeup Artist

Makeup Product Developer

Professional Make-up Artist

Bridal Make-up Artist

Corrective or Camouflage Makeup Artist

Costume Makeup Artist

Spa/Salon Makeup Artist

Brand Makeup Representative

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Professional makeup artistry is the art of enhancing a person’s natural features, covering flaws or imperfections, and creating a desired look or style. To achieve their desired effects, professional makeup artists use a number of materials and tools, such as foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and many more.

Makeup looks refer to the various styles or themes that can be achieved through the use of makeup. Natural makeup look focuses on enhancing a person’s natural features without creating a dramatic effect. It often involves using neutral colours and minimal makeup.

Glam makeup is more dramatic and focuses on creating a bold and glamorous effect. For this look, we require bold colours, shimmer, and false eyelashes.

Smoky eyes are one of the trading makeups in today’s look involves creating a smoky effect around the eyes using dark eyeshadow and eyeliner. It will go with neutral cheeks and lips.

Bold lips look focuses on creating a bold and colourful effect on the lips using bright or dark lipstick. It is often paired with neutral eyes and cheeks.

Today’s bridal makeup is the most demanding makeup in marketing. Every bride wants to look perfect on her special day. Some brides prefer a natural makeup look, while others prefer a dramatic look. It depends on the bride’s preference.

Professional makeup artistry involves using these makeup looks and techniques to achieve a desired effect for a client or a specific occasion. It requires skill, creativity, and an understanding of the client’s preferences and needs.

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