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Learn about the basics of hair services and excel in the art of hairdressing with this course


The haircut was taken as a casual business for years. However, with time, hairstyling has changed a lot, and it is now a well-thought and planned process. Therefore, it is no wonder that people today pay much attention to styling their hair. As a result, the demand for skilled professionals has increased a lot.

The Basic & Advance hairdressing courses offered by StyLet Beauty Academy is the ideal course for someone to learn and master the art of hairdressing. We will teach you the techniques & tools. So ignite your creativity with proper hands-on training and become the confident hairstylist you aspire to be.

Professional Hairstyling Course

Course Inclusions

Hair Dressing Skills

Introduction – Basics of Hair Science, Shampoo & Conditioning (Deep), Significance of Head Shapes, Face Shapes

  • Temporary Styling – Blow Dry, Ironing, Hot Rollers, Tongs
  • Permanent Styling – Hair straitening, Smoothening, Rebonding, Perming
  • Hair Color – Root Touch-up, Global, Grey Hair & Placements
  • Highlights – Weaving, Slicing, Crazy, Use Of Pre Highlight
  • Hair Treatments – Hot oil massage, Hair spa, Concentrate with Hair Spa
  • Hair Fall Treatments – Hair Fall treatments, Dandruff Treatments, Super Silk Treatment (T), Frizzy Hair Treatment (T), Colored Hair Anti-Breakage Treatment
  • Classic Female Haircuts – One Length, Forward Graduation, Natural Inversion, Square Layers, BOB, Round Layers
Soft Skills

Communication Skills

Self-Grooming, Personality Development

Client Consultation Skills

Product Retail/ Home-Care Essentials

Hygiene & Cleansing Standards

Salon Management Fundamentals, Personal & Salon Hygiene

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Career With StyLet Hair Dressing & Styling Certification

After completion of the Hair Dressing & Styling course, it is possible to start one’s own salon or get employment as:

Hair Stylist

Master Hairstylist

Art Director

Creative Director

Style Director

Product Technician

Academy Trainer

Salon Entrepreneur

Freelancer Hairstylist

Cruise Hairstylist

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Haircutting, colouring, and styling courses are programs designed to teach students the skills and techniques necessary to become a professional hairstylist. The duration, structure, and topic of these courses can vary depending on the training centre and the particular programme. Here are some of the topics covered in haircutting, colouring, and styling courses:

Haircutting courses teach students the basic techniques of cutting hair using scissors, clippers, and razors. Students learn how to create different styles and shapes, as well as how to work with different hair textures and lengths.

In hair coloring course, students learn how to color hair using a variety of techniques, like highlights, lowlights, ombre, global and balayage. Students will learn how to complement a client’s skin tone to the appropriate colour and how to use various tints and tones to achieve a particular look.

In hair styling, you learn how to create different hairstyles using different tools and products, such as blow dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners. For various events and clients, students learn how to do updos, braids, and other hairstyles.

Students learn efficient client communication techniques in client consultation courses in order to better understand clients’ needs and preferences. According to a client’s hair type, facial shape, and lifestyle, students learn how to give recommendations.

Business skills teach how to manage a salon, including marketing, customer service, and financial management. Students learn how to create a business plan and market their services to potential clients.

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