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Looking for earning well and making it big in the world of beauty, wellness, and fashion? This course is a must for you.


The Diploma Course in Makeup, Beauty & Hair by StyLet Beauty Academy opens new horizons in the beauty and glam world like no other course. This course transforms you into a complete beautician, skilled hairstylist & pro-makeup artist. Investing in this vocation job-oriented course will help you establish yourself at top-notch beauty & hair salons, the entertainment industry, and the fashion world.

You can also work as a freelance beauty expert or makeup artist or set up your own beauty parlor, heading the team like a boss who knows it all!

Diploma Course in Makeup, Beauty & Hair gives you a professional edge over others and makes you the first choice for top salons, talent & model agencies, and celebrity makeup artists. The in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the fields of beauty, hair, and makeup ready you for national & international assignments alike.

This course by StyLet covers basic to advance levels of the different aspects of the beauty industry.

Diploma Courses in Makeup Hair & Beauty

Course Inclusions

Hair Dressing & Styling Skills
  • Introduction – Basics of Hair Science, Shampoo & Conditioning (Deep), Significance of Head Shapes, Face Shapes
  • Temporary Styling – Blow Dry, Ironing, Hot Rollers, Tongs
  • Permanent Styling – Hair straitening, Smoothening, Rebonding, Perming
  • Hair Color – Root Touch-up, Global, Grey Hair & Placements
  • Highlights – Weaving, Slicing, Crazy, Use Of Pre Highlight, Ombre Highlight, Balayage Highlight
  • Hair Treatments – Hot oil massage, Concentrate with Hair Spa, Advance Hair Spa
  • Hair Fall Treatments – Hair Fall treatments, Dandruff Treatments, Super Silk Treatment (T), Frizzy Hair Treatment (T), Colored Hair Anti-Breakage Treatment, Heat Damaged Hair Treatment
  • Advance Hair Treatments Keratin Treatments [Demo], Cysteine Treatment [Demo], Wellaplex Hair Treatment [Demo], Super Silk Treatment [Demo], Frizzy Hair Treatment [Demo]
  • Classic Female Haircuts – One Length, Forward Graduation, Natural Inversion, Square Layers, BOB, Round Layers
  • Bridal Hair Updo’s – Creative Bridal Bun With Lines, Engagement Looks With Curls, Receptions Hairstyle With Rose, Extension Bridal Hairstyle, Fitting accessories/ tiaras/ veils/ hair pieces, Plating and knotting techniques including round the head plats, fish tail, Using extension [full wigs & real hair] and many more
Beauty & Skin Therapy
  • Beauty BasicsThreading, Waxing, Basic & Advance Manicure & French Manicure, Basic & Advance Pedicure, Massage Techniques, Cleanup & Exfoliation Techniques
  • Bleach Facial – Fruit, Tan-Clear, Oxyblast, Vita Lift, Herbal
  • Advance Facials – Facial For Skin Tightening, Facial For Shine And Glow, Thermo Mask Treatment For Aging Clients, Knowledge Of Oxy Blast Facial, Skin Whitening Facial, Gold Facial, Pearl Facial, Silver Facial Diamond Facial Bridal Facial
  • Skin Treatments – D-Tan, Natural Peels, Masks
  • Skin Science – Skin Structure, Skin Analysis, Skin types, Ph of Skin, Skin Disorders
  • Machines – Galvanic Machine, High Frequency, Ultrasonic Machine, Brushing Unit, Ozone (Steamer), Sterilization, Iontophoresis Treatment, Acne Treatment
  • Product Costing Knowledge – Beauty Product Costing Knowledge, Beauty Treatment Costing Knowledge
  • Equipment/ Tools – Trolley Preparation, Hygiene & Sanitation
Makeup Artistry – Prepping
  • Introduction – Intro to Makeup Artistry, History of Makeup Artistry, Various Types of Brushes & Their Usage
  • Color Theory – Colour wheels, Colour values, Color Correction, Knowledge about all Types of Base, How to Apply Color Theory in the makeup application and designing looks
  • Skin Analysis & Types – Skin Analysis, Skin Types, Face Shapes, Understanding Bone Structure, Under Eye Discolouration & Dark Circle, Hyper & Hypo Pigmentation, Problem areas of Face, Skin Conditions
  • Skin Preparation – Method of cleansing, Different types of moisturizer according to skin type, Knowledge Of Face Primer On Different Skin Types, Sanitation and Hygiene, Product Usage Knowledge
  • Facials – Oxy Blast Facial, Skin Whitening Facial, Gold Facial, Pearl Facial, Silver Facial Diamond Facial, Bridal Facial
Makeup Artistry – Application
  • Foundation – Different Types of Foundation [Creme, Liquid, Stick & Powder, BB & CC Cream], Application Techniques for Flawless Foundation, Shading, Contouring Techniques, Deciding on Shade, Formula, Coverage and Final Finish, Foundation Mistakes to Avoid, Special Attention to Tools and Products, Application of HD base, Powder Compact Base
  • Concealer Techniques – Concealer Myths and Expectations, Choosing a Concealer, Types of Concealer [Liquid Concealer, Stick Concealer, Cream Concealer, Cream-to-Powder Concealer, Colour-Correcting Concealer], How to Apply Concealer
  • Face Powder – Deciding which powder type to use [Loose/ Pressed], How to Use, and How to perfectly use powder to set makeup with the right coverage, Contouring & Highlights According to Face type & structure, Bronzer application
  • Eye Makeup Techniques
    • Brows – Brows as per Face Shapes, Different Brow Products, Correcting Eye Brows step by step, Eyebrow Shading
    • Shadows – Designing Eye Makeup for Different Eye Shapes, Eye Shadow Products, Correct the various eye shapes with highlight and shadow, Brush Tips Before You Begin, Concept of Eye Contouring, Two-Color Design, Three-Color Design, Four-Color Design, Working with Mattee, Powder, Cream, Shimmer Eye Shadows, Working with Glitters, Essential Eyeshadow Tips, Types of Eye Makeup [One tone, Two tone, Three tone, Vertical & horizontal shadow, Glittery eye, Pigment, Shimmer, Half Smokey, Full Smokey, Inner highlight, Cut crease, Full Crease, Heavy crease]
    • Others – Product Mixing Techniques, Lances Application Techniques, Arabic Eye Makeup Techniques, Shading, Highlighting On Face, Colorful Eye Makeup, Shimmer & Glittery Eye Makeup
  • Liners – Before You Apply Eyeliner, How to Apply Eyeliner, Eyeliner Products [Powder, Pencil, Gel, Cake, or Liquid Eyeliner], Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid
  • Mascara – Preparing for Mascara – Curling Lashes [Heated & Non-Heated], Different Types of Mascara [Regular & Waterproof], Correct Application Techniques of Mascara, Dos and DON’Ts of Mascara Application
  • False Eyelashes Application Techniques – Type of False Eyelashes, Brands of Eyelash Glues, Correct and Easy way to apply False Eye Lashes, Trimming lashes for best results
  • Blush – Why to use Blush, How to apply Blush as per Face Shape, How to apply Blush and Bronzer, Different Blush Products [Powder & Cream], What Colors of Blush to use with different skin tones
  • Lips – How to prepare lips for makeup, Steps to create perfectly symmetrical lips, How to create fuller lips, How to deal with uneven lips and make them appear even, How to use lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss, How to do perfect Nude Lips, Ombre lips, Red Lips, and Dark & Dramatic lips
  • Mature Skin – Product application techniques, Things to avoid while doing Makeup, Specialized products to be used
  • Bridal Makeup Preparation – Prepping the Hair ready to style, Handling wet hair and sectioning, Selecting & using correct tools, Changing the texture of hair [root lift, simple flicks], Maximum smoothness with a round brush
  • Bridal Makeup – Western / Nude Bridal Look Makeup, Party / Sider Makeup, Mehndi Look Makeup, Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup, South Indian Bridal Makeup, Muslim Bridal Makeup, Catholic Bridal Makeup, Indian Traditional Look, Reception Look etc.
  • Bridal Saree Draping – Nauwari Saree, Normal Saree, Gujarati Saree, Bengali Saree, Mumtaz Saree, Ghagara Style Saree, Neckless Saree, Dupatta Draping
  • Groom’s Makeup – Difference between regular makeup style and men’s makeup, How to apply minimalistic correct Makeup for Men, Special Makeup Products
  • Air Brush Techniques – Introduction to Airbrush Makeup, Introduction to Strengths and Weaknes of Airbrush Makeup, How to assemble and disassemble an Airbrush Machine, How to troubleshoot an Airbrush system to work with ease, Distance exercises to apply Airbrush in a very precise way, Properly apply base on a model ensuring even application
Soft Skills

Client Consultation, Interaction, Client Influencing Features

Communication Skills & Presentation Skills

Self-Grooming & Self-Promotion Techniques

Social media training for Self-promotion

Retail Products/ Home Care Essentials

Hygiene, Sanitation & Cleansing Standards

Salon Management – Salon Management Fundamentals, Administration, Health Safety & Security, Personal & Salon hygiene, Personal Appearance & Body language, How to Start & Run a Successful Salon

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Career Opportunities With StyLet Certification

After completion of the Diploma course, it is possible to start one’s own salon or get employment as:

Beauty Therapists


Make-up Artists

Salon or Health Club Managers

Makeup Artists/ Hairstylists for Fashion, Television & Film Industry

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Join diploma course for professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and beautician


A diploma course in Makeup, Hairstyle, and Beautician is detailed program that covers the fundamentals of beauty parlour, makeup, and hairdressing. This course is designed for students who want to start their career in the beauty industry and who need the proper knowledge, skills, and techniques to succeed.

The duration of a diploma course in Makeup, Hairstyle, and Beautician can vary depending on the academy, but it typically duration is 6 months to 1 year. The program can be divided into different modules and topics each covering a specific aspect of beauty parlour, makeup, and hairdressing.

Beauty theory module covers the basics of beauty parlour, such as hygiene, safety, skin science and skin care. It also includes the basics of makeup application, hair care, and hair styling.

Makeup application module covers the techniques of makeup application like foundation, concealer, eye makeup, lipstick, and contouring. Also, application of makeup for different occasions, like bridal makeup, party makeup, and editorial makeup.

Hairstyling module covers the basics of hair cutting, hair colouring, hair extensions, hair updos, and hair straightening. It also involves the application of hairstyling for various events, such as bridal hairstyles, party hairstyles, and editorial hairstyles.

Beauty treatments module involves the beauty treatments, example, threading, bleach, facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing. It also includes the application of advanced beauty treatments, such as natural peels, D-tan, and anti-aging treatments.

Business and marketing module covers the basics of running a beauty business, such as customer service, pricing, and marketing. Also, how to do social media marketing and networking.

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